Loneliness is being recognized more and more as a health issue.  The primary purpose of the Mens’ Shed movement is to address this problem with older men.  Loneliness has been recognized as a national epidemic.  See this article:


Health services company, Cigna, has recognized the problem.  In a study conducted by the company the issue of loneliness has been identified as having the same deleterious effect on health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

According Dr. Doug Nemecek, the chief health officer for Cigna:  “People who feel lonely are less healthy. There are many studies linking loneliness to worsening heart disease, cancer, diabetes, depression and substance abuse. In fact, healthwise, loneliness is comparable to smoking 15 cigarettes a day.”

See the complete Cigna article about the study they have done here:


There are steps older folks can take to help mitigate the feeling of loneliness.  You can keep working, move to a retirement community, or volunteer.  The fourth step one can take, and this is where sheds come into play, is to create and maintain social connections.

See you at the Shed!


Sheds in the news

The Mens’ Shed movement continues to grow in the USA.  Honolulu saw the first Shed and now there are several on the mainland.  The US Mens Shed Association now has 11 sheds in operation.  Check their site here:  http://usmenssheds.org/home-page/.

Check this article from the Washington Post:  https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/health-science/what-to-do-about-lonely-older-men-put-them-to-work/2018/06/22/0c07efc8-53ab-11e8-a551-5b648abe29ef_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.153dba671c78

Our local guy and founder, Glenn Sears, is highlighted.


April 21-0246

Please note the official address for the Hawaii Mens’ Shed.  If there is ever an emergency that requires that 911 is called, this is the address to use for our location.  Using this address will get the first responders to our location quickly and without confusion.  The address is posted on the wall to the left of the Talk Story Pit.  This address can also be used in your GPS program for giving directions to our location.


It was sausage day and meeting day at the Shed on Saturday, April 21.


The guys that were there chatted, moved some tools to a better place and got a lesson on how to safely use a table saw.

April 21-0175

Bob Jewell made a couple of new signs for the talk story pit with the area getting a work out at lunch and during our meeting.


Ron drove his bike in and I got him to strike a pose next to the playhouse.

April 21-0296


Shed meeting Saturday, April 21, 2018


Monthly Meeting and Sausage Sizzle– April 21 is the third Saturday of the month so it’s time for our Monthly Meeting and Sausage Sizzle.  We’ll start the meeting around 10:30ish and start grinding immediately thereafter.

Elections– Elections are coming in July, and we’re not talking about the governor!  Much more important…our annual Shed election.  Positions up for grabs are the President and Vice President of our fine organization.  Start getting your campaigns ready.

Additional Shed Time– Shedder Tay Perry is interested in putting in additional Shed hours including this Sunday and other days and times.  Shed Rule is minimum of two people at all times.  So if you’d like to work on your own project while Tay works on his, please coordinate directly with him at tayp55@gmail.comor 808-255-1455.

Hats and Shirts – A while backShedder Bob Jewell asked members if they were interested in buying a Honolulu Men’s Shed T-Shirt or Hat.  If you signed up and have changed your mind, please let Bob know so he can put them back into the inventory for other interested buyers.

Thank You Ken Takeya –  Shedder Ken Takeya generously answered the call for a paint sprayer.  He decided to donate some other nice tools (biscuit cutter, router and others) along with the sprayer to the Shed.  Some of you may know Ken from the early days of our Shed when we were meeting every Thursday in a church classroom downtown.  No building or tools only dreams and desires…lucky to get 3-4 folks to show up.  Ken was one of those faithful and continues to be a major supporter.  We don’t see Ken around too much these days as he is providing care for his wife.  Thanks for the tools Ken and your unwavering support of the Hawaii Men’s Shed.

Playhouse News!

The playhouse is once again a playhouse!


Now that the new space is better organized and we’re getting to have some work areas, the playhouse that was built at our old the Sand Island location is now back together and getting ready for delivery.  Nice job guys!

Up goes the roof on the playhouse!