Shirts and Hats

Got some T-shirts and hats at the Shed.  Great gifts for Father’s Day!  T-Shirts are $10 and hats are $15.

Saw Stop installed and ready for work!


The SAW STOP, an amazing tool for our Shed, is in place, connected and ready for your project.  The capabilities of this saw are available to our members from novice to expert. Remember, the Shed is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  Bring your project or help someone else with theirs.  See you at the Shed!

March Sizzle

IMG_4447Join us at the Shed for the monthly Sausage Sizzle. Come find out what’s happening at the Shed with projects and our grant application.

Playhouse delivered!

The children’s playhouse, one of the Honolulu Mens’ Shed premier projects, was delivered to its home on Saturday, February 11, 2019.  The Playhouse now sits on the campus of the Mary, Star of the Sea School in Kahala.

The Shed sends a heartfelt thanks to Home Depot for the donation of the truck we used to make the delivery.  The playhouse was dismantled, loaded onto the Home Depot truck, and transported to Mary, Star of the Sea school where it was re-assembled.

Thanks to Howard Wolf, Michael Trojan and Jerry Taniyama for the photos shown here:

50 over 50

Philip Johnson recognized as an “Isolation buster”


The American Association of Retired People (AARP) annually selects 50 individuals, all over 50 years old, to be recognized for their volunteering contributions. This year a U.S. Men’s Shed Member was selected for his work as an “Isolation Buster.”

Sixty-nine-year-old USMS Director Philip Johnson of Wayzata MN is a national volunteer organizer for the U.S. Men’s Sheds Association, a non-profit focused on reducing social isolation, loneliness, and loss of self-esteem in retired men. The idea: giving men opportunities to build community and connectedness by spending time together in …. you guessed it …. Sheds.

Men’s Sheds are groups of locally organized older men looking to work together, make friends, and socialize in the company of men.  Johnson was one of the first people in the US to see the potential of the Men’s Shed movement to become a national force for improving the physical and mental health for older men in America. 

Phil, impressed by well-documented health and well-being experienced by Men’s Shed members in other countries, brought the first operating U.S. Men’s Shed together in Minnesota in 2016. Within the year, he helped start five more local Men’s Sheds in Minnesota and Wisconsin and in the process donated over 3,000 hours of his own time during the last two years. 

Working with Men’s Shed Leaders in Australia, Ireland, the UK and Canada, Johnson and the other four Directors of the US Men’s Sheds Association have seen the formation of 13 active Men’s Sheds in the US, with another 10 Sheds now being formed around the country.

Safety, safety, safety

What three things should be on the mind of every shedder when they enter the Shed?

  1. Safety
  2. Safety
  3. Safety

A few months ago, a committee was formed to be responsible and to coordinate the various aspects that are needed to operate a Men’s Shed efficiently.  The committee works on those items that are part of the daily operation of the Shed.  Such things as trash removal, floor layout, project resources and tool storage are part of (but not limited to) the purview of the committee.  For those of you with industrial experience, the committee is effectively the “plant manager”.

One task that is most important to the committee and in fact to all shedders, is safety.  Too that end, the committee will be establishing safety rules and guidelines for the Shed. This is intended to be an ongoing project.  Stay tuned for more details.

To begin the committee’s safety alerts, open the link to the short article below that was taken from the library of the Handyman Club of America.

woodworking safety 1