Tool Donations


Do you have a collection of tools?  Perhaps you have a screwdriver, pliers, and hammer, or maybe a collection of hand and power tools for woodworking, metalsmithing, gardening or other pursuits.  Men are proud of their collections. They’re often well maintained and usually ready to go.
But as people become less active or move to smaller homes, they have little use for their tools and their families may have limited interest in using them. What shall they do with these precious and useful items?
The Hawaii Men’s Shed Tool Donation Program may be your answer!

Our Shed is a peer run, non profit organization of retired men. All acquired tools will be used in our workshop by our members as they pursue their projects. Tools we receive will be added to our shop’s inventory. If they are duplicates, they will be sold to raise funds for our ongoing projects. We will gladly pick up your tools at a time convenient to you and we’ll provide you with a tax deductible receipt.

For more information call
Glenn at 808 373-6140 or Mick at 808 342-0251

A place of our own

Our location at Snug Harbor will become a container station at some point this year, so it’s only a temporary location. To prepare for that eventuality, we are actively looking for other sites for our Men’s Shed.
If you know of any vacant property or unused space, please let us know so we can explore the possibilities of using the space, even on a temporary basis.

We have been offered a permanent home at the old pumping station, but that won’t be ready for a year or two. See “Future” for details.